Science Fair 2020

“Science begins with wonder, scientific temperament and rational thinking.”

There are no dreams too big, no innovation unimaginable and no boundaries beyond the reach of the students of Green Dale International School. Science Fair on 15th February, 2020 gave our students an opportunity to display their innovative skills. It is our responsibility to give a positive direction to the thirst for knowledge of the students and help them explore and learn new facts and inventions with passion and interest.

Creating Interest

It is very important to develop the interest of students in science and technology for a better future and sustainable development. Science Fair initiates the curiosity of an inquisitive mind and motivates students to show their talent. It also encourages constructive competitive spirit among the students and involves them in exciting learning activities.

Creativity and Scientific Attitude

Science Fair explores the talent of the students and makes them think creatively. By taking part in science fairs at school, a student develops an inquiring nature and learns to ask questions. A scientific attitude and curiosity in students helps develop their analytical skills and helps them find solutions to the challenges.

Team Work & Speaking Ability

An exhibition is a platform for the students to work together in groups and gives them a chance to develop social skills. Students learn about teamwork, skills of leadership, helping each other along with their scientific knowledge. During a science fair,students also learn public speaking. They present their models and explain its uses and functions. This enhances the confidence of the students and develops their enthusiasm and curiosity even further.

The Science Fair held for Standards II to IX was an experimental and innovative day for the students. Inspired and motivated by the teachers and the parents, the would be scientists of GDIS displayed different models and experiments with great enthusiasm and excitement.