Graduation Ceremony 2018!

Graduation Ceremony for Class X and XII. . . . . .

On 26 April 2018, Thursday, Green Dale International School held its graduation ceremony for classes X and XII with a lot of enthusiasm and overwhelming excitement. Dressed in their graduation gowns and hats, our students looked very radiant and grown up. Teachers as well as students gave speeches while the proud parents looked on. When our students shared their memories, thanked their school and the role it has played in their lives, not a single pair of eyes remained dry. The students gathered in their ceremonial gowns and cut the cake, we captured that precious moment to keep it forever in our minds.

Some of the students who graduated this year have been with us throughout their school lives and what fine individuals they have all become. As they move on to the next phase of life, we are confident that the discipline, core belief and moral values Green Dale International School has instilled in them, will make each of them an accomplished person.