GDIS Sports Meet 2019-20

Our Annual Sports Meet 2019-20 was held on Thursday 23rd January 2020, at United International University sports ground. Student from Playgroup to STD XII took part in the March Past led by Tahsin Galib Pavel of STD XII, sharp at 9:30 am.

It was a very pleasant winter morning and the presence of parents and guardians, cheering for the students on their achievements, made the day even more delightful. Numerous events such as Bunny hop, Balloon Race, Potato Race, Spoon Race, Hurdles Race, Sack Race and many more exciting games followed one after the other.

The events were divided into three segments and medals were given out at the end of each segment by Ms. Nausheen Rahman, Head of English Department. The most looked forward event of the day was the Mixed Relay Race, where students form Standard VI-XII took part.

A very special thanks goes to our team of volunteers who not only participated in the events but also helped our games teachers to make the day successful and well organized. It was an eventful and memorable day for the students, their parents and the whole school.

Sports New Pic

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