Field Trip

Green Dale International School organized a day long field trip for the students on the 14th of November 2019. It was a marvelous Thursday morning with bright sunshine and cool breeze. A total of 300 students, full with energy and excitement, joined the field trip with teachers and supporting staff. We started our journey from the school campus at half past eight in the morning and reached the destination on time. Everyone was served breakfast at the resort and the food was superb. The organizers were very hospitable and took great care to ensure all our students got ample water, lemonade and other hot drinks.

Each class was taken care of by their respective class teachers and subject teachers. The children were under continuous supervision. Many huts were built at different points of the resort so that the students could take rest and refresh their minds. Lunch was served at 2 pm sharp.

The students enjoyed to their fullest. The weather was amazingly in favor of the trip and the place was fabulous. It was a revitalizing outing for both students and teachers.